Why am I unable to make purchases through iTunes?

If you are unable to connect to iTunes here are some things to try: 
1. Make sure your iOS is up to date (Settings > General > Software Update) 
2. Make sure your date, time and time zone are correct on your device (Settings > General > Date&Time) 
3. Check your device restrictions (Settings > General > Restrictions) 
4. Check and verify that you're in range of a Wi-Fi router or base station. If you're on a device with cellular service, make sure that cellular data is turned on 
5. Try resetting (turn off and on) your wireless router 
You could also try these steps: 
1. Sign out of your ID (Settings > iTunes & App Store) 
2. Reset your device's wireless settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) 
3. Reconfigure wireless settings on your device 
4. Without signing in, try and make a purchase (It should have you sign in again at this point). 
If you are still unable to make a purchase or connect, you might have to contact Apple as they may have blocked purchases. 
All transactions for War Commander Rogue Assault are handled through either the Apple App Store or through Google Play. Due to this, all billing inquiries and refund requests must be submitted to either Apple. You can contact them HERE.
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