How can I check if my connection is strong?

We recommend at least a 6Mbps bandwidth to play Rogue Assault with minimal connectivity issues. To check this performance, we recommend using an independent speed test (not run by your service provider). One that we recommend is Here are instructions for accessing it:

  • Head to 
  • Click the black button that says: "Test My Internet +" and then the 'Combined' option. 
  • Allow the test to fully complete. 
Once the test's results are loaded, check them out. Does your Download speed indicate that it's less than 6Mbps at any point? If so, there may be a problem with the strength of your connection and you should reach out to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to share these results with them. 
If the results are consistently above 6-10Mbps, your bandwidth is likely strong enough to not affect the performance of your game. 
If you wish to look into the strength of your connection at a deeper level than a bandwidth test, feel free to file a Support Ticket and a CS Agent can assist you.

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