What are Redeployment and Movement Cooldown Tokens?

Redeployment Tokens are items used in specific targets (like Rise of La Muerta) that allow you to continue attacking the target after the battle ends while fully healing your platoon. Redeployment tokens are most consistently found in the Free Crates in the Black Market, but can also be purchased with Gold if you run out.
Movement Cooldown Tokens are used to speed up your Movement Timer in a Warzone after you move your base to a new location in that same Warzone.  Note that these can not be used for any Movement Cooldown, but just the aforementioned example where you chose to move your own base in the same Warzone; they can not be used to speed up the movement Cooldown placed when switching WarZones, nor can they be used to speed up the Movement Cooldown placed when being shifted out of a Contestable Zone during the War or Sudden Death Phases.  Like Redeployment Tokens, the most consistent way to earn these is via Free Crates in the Black Market, but unlike Redeployment Tokens, Movement Cooldown Tokens can not be purchases with Gold.   
Both types of Tokens currently do not have an "inventory" where you can view how many of each you have at a given time, but anytime you gain or go to use them, you will be able to see your current total.
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