2.29.0 Update Notes

Hello, Commanders. The 2.29 release includes content for the final event of the United Front season, Iron Kingdom. It also contains several balance changes and new turret levels in base defense.


  • [Event] The United Front season is concluding with ‘Iron Kingdom’. Complete missions and earn War Credits in this epic feature event. Begins May 10th.
  • [Event] The F-35A, a new fixed-wing aircraft, is the top prize in Iron Kingdom. Take your air strikes to the next level with this terror of the skies!
  • [War Zones] CC10 Outposts & Strongholds have been added to the top level Zone Areas. This will provide players at level 71+ with targets within their PvE Loot Steal range.


  • [Base] Raptor and Base Defense balance changes announced on April 27th are going into effect with this deploy.
  • [Base] Peacemaker Turret 5 and Howitzer Turret 10 enabled.
  • [Spec Ops] Starstreak HVM added to Spec Ops store for last week in cycle.


  • [Combat] Helicopters could be damaged by mines.
These changes will be implemented once all previous clients have been invalidated, which we expect to occur on Thursday, May 3rd.
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