2.28.0 Update Notes

The 2.28 release is underway! This update continues to improve on War Zones functionality, and implements several balance changes that are necessary for smoothing out the scaling of base defense. Top tier content has been added in the form of a new Strike, as well as three new tiers in the Nightmare Mode of Campaigns. These new Campaign tiers exist, not for the highest loot reward, but as a challenge to our most powerful Rogue Assault players; a proving ground of the highest levels of gameplay.


  • [Notifications] If another player attacks your HQ in the War Zones, you can now locate that player through your Battle Log notifications.
  • [Strike] The all new Kalibr Strike has been added. The Kalibr is a Tier 4 gold strike, and is a damage tier above the Tomahawk.
  • [Campaign] Mayhem, Fury, and Hell tiers have been added to the Nightmare Mode of single-player campaigns. These new tiers exist for Rogue Assault’s most powerful players to challenge themselves at the highest levels of gameplay.


  • [Events] Tech support has been implemented that allows for La Muerte prizes to cycle more frequently.
  • [Base] SAM turret is being re-tuned to solve for several scaling and counter-ability issues.*
  • [Base] Salvo turret damage modifier against helicopters is being increased.*
  • [Base] Buildings with Defender waves are receiving a health increase.*
  • [FOB] FOBs have received a layout adjustment to balance their difficulty. Level 1 – 6 FOBs are now easier to defeat, level 7 FOBs are more difficult.
*The details of all turret and base defense changes will be outlined in their own separate post and will not be going live at the same time as other features. Their live date will be announced in the separate post.


  • [Art] Notification breadcrumb for mines re-appears after equip/refill.
  • [Art] Care package (compensation) crates are the incorrect color.
  • [Art] Portrait for Strike PvP Battle is missing from the event UI.
  • [UI] Font boldness disabled in all Asian languages to improve readability.
  • [Alliance] View Alliance UI always shows 0 for alliance infamy.
  • Additional minor bug fixes and visual improvements.
These changes will be implemented once all previous clients have been invalidated, which we expect to occur on Wednesday, April 25th.
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