2.25.3 Update Notes


  • [War Zones] Control Points goes live on 2/22. This constitutes the largest update to ever hit Rogue Assault since launch – we hope you enjoy this new era in War Zones combat.
  • [Alliances] Alliance Diplomacy goes live on 2/22. Set your relationship with another alliance to Ally, Friendly, or Enemy to more easily identify alliances in the War Zones.
  • [Alliances] Alliance Gifting. All in-app purchases now gift a free crate to every member of your alliance. The contents of this crate increases in value with the price of purchase, as well as the CC level of the player that opens the crate.
  • [Alliances] Share battle replays in alliance chat.
  • [Base] Added support for the Heavy Platform and Heavy Turret at CC6+.
  • [Equipment] Our equipment currency system is getting an overhaul to a Shared Equipment system. More details on this system posted separately – check it out.
  • [Missions] The Daily Mission maps and payouts have been updated. Payouts now include the five Equipment Tech types on rotation as well as Unit Criticals. Be prepared to adjust your strategies accordingly.


  • [War Zones] HQ Shifting now moves players 60 hexes instead of 30. It also no longer institutes a cooldown, except for the Defender in a Control Point War. The length of an HQ Shifting cooldown timer is determined by how much time is left in the War before Sudden Death.
  • [Units] Tanks have received a stat change to offset the power gained from new equipment types. This is detailed in a separate post.
  • [Base] Transformers and Factories have received a health increase.
  • [Base] Transformer boost power has been reduced.
  • [Base] Turret power has been increased.


  • [Units] Unit fire rate was unintentionally doubled, resulting in 2x damage since this bug was implemented. This has been fixed, and unit fire rate has returned to normal.
  • [Units] Firing arcs were flattened on certain units. This has been fixed.
  • [War Zones] General performance improvements to War Zones.
  • [War Zones] A player’s alliance does not appear when clicking on that player in the War Zones. This has been fixed.
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