When an Offer shows an Item as "0-'X'", what does that mean?

Many of our offers come with random rolled items that are determined at the time of purchase; if this is the case then it will likely appear as such:


This does not mean that that you will receive 3 of each item show in the picture, as if that was intend each would simple say "3".  Instead this is to let you know you can receive anywhere between 0 and 3 of the item, with 0 also being a possible option.  Furthermore, the number on the right hand side, in this case 3, refers to the max you will receive of that type of item total.  So in the above offer i can tell that i will get a total of 3 Strikes based on all the options ending in the number 3, and that it can be any combination of the 4 shown. 


We display offers like this to give you an idea of all the possible options you could earn, but unless the item is called out by it's specific name with a specific number, it is not guaranteed to give you exactly that amount of that item.

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