What are Regions, War Zones, and Zones?

One you reach Command Center Lv3 you will be able to build a Global Operation building and deploy to our world map for the first time.  Currently, our world map is broken up into three distinct pieces


Two large Regions (Europe and Black Sea) that are made up of 20-30 individual War Zones you can deploy your HQ too


War Zones

The specific maps you deploy your HQ to; War Zones are made up of many individual Zones, filled with NPC targets and other players



Zones are the individual section off area's in War Zones that your base is deployed to; while every Zone has a suggested level range, this is not a requirement to enter the Zone, or attack targets currently in it.  Rather, it is a recommendation that dictates the level of NPCs (Outposts, Strongholds, and Control Points) that will spawn there, and also where your base will be placed when initially deploying to the War Zone. 


On top of this there are also two distinct types of Zones:

  • Neutral Zones: Normal Zones that spawn Outposts and Strongholds based on the level of the Zone
  • Contestable Zones: While these still spawn Outposts and Strongholds like a Neutral Zone, these Zones also spawn a "Control Point"; defeating the control point with you alliance will let your alliance "own" that Zone and receive buffs for owning it, though if another alliance already owns that Zone you will have to defeat them as well. 
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