Welcome to our new Help Center!

In order to provide the best support possible we have recently revamped our Help Center.  You can still find it in the same place it has always been; in the Setting tab found by going to your profile:


Once on the Settings tab you will still see the the "Support & Forums section on the bottom, but with a few more buttons for support than previously provided:


1) Help Center

Our Help Center is filled with helpful articles and news about updates and releases, so it's always a great idea to check here first for to see if you can find an answer to your support request right away.  Either browse what you we have in there or enter keyword into the search bar at the top to see if anything related to your issue comes up.

2) My Tickets

One of the biggest upgrade to our new Help Center is the addition of the "My Tickets" section, which will not only allow players to view past tickets they have submitted, but this also gives the players the ability to have more than one ticket at the same time!  We strongly encourage players to try to keep their tickets limited to one issue at a time, so if for any reason you need to contact us about two or more separate issues, please submit a ticket for each.

3) New Tickets

If you need to submit a new ticket for an issue you do not already have an open ticket for, you will do it here.  After tapping on new ticket you will get the following pop up:


Please enter a valid email address and a subject for your ticket; try to keep your subject brief and too the point so that someone would be able to get a good idea about what your issue is at a glance.  You'll be able to include any pertinent details for you issue on the next screen after clicking "Continue"


On the next screen please include the details of your exact issue; a few details that will greatly help us can be:

  • Time and date for when the issue occurred
  • Exact in game names for anything affected
  • Potential steps to reproduce the issue on our end, or what exactly you were doing in game leading up to the issue occurring.
  • Any screenshots of videos so we can see what you are seeing; attach screenshots with the paper clip icon in the bottom right hand corner, and upload videos to a sharing site (like youtube) and send us the link

We are also always more than willing to take any feedback you have and pass it on to the game team so they can better understand how this issue has affected you, but please try to stay on topic as much as possible!  The more more clear and concise your message is, the easier it will be for the support agent to identify what needs to be done and get you a resolution in as few responses as possible.

Support Ticket FAQs

Q: Will I be able to see my old Support tickets in the new system?
A: Unfortunately any tickets filed under the old system will not show up in the new one, but we will still have access to them on our end to reference for previous information provided.  If you had an open ticket in the old system that you still required assistance with, please file a new ticket and state as much; we'll be able to find the old ticket on our end and continue the conversation in the new system


Q: My ticket was closed before my issue was resolved
A: Our system will automatically close a ticket if it goes more than 72 hours without a response from the player.  Please try to get back to us before those 72 hours are up, but if you are unable to for any reason do not worry!  Just file a new ticket and let us know you still need help with the previous one and we can continue the conversation there.


Q: Can I send you a video of my issue?
A: Yes you can and it will be greatly appreciated, but keep in mind we can't open video's attached to tickets; please upload it to a video sharing site (like youtube) and send us a link.


Q: Who are "Player Experts" and why is another player answering my ticket?
A: Player Experts are players like yourself who have demonstrated a deep knowledge of how the game works.  They serve as our first line of support for issues like general gameplay questions or standard performance issues, and will typically be able to respond to you much faster than an in house agent.  Your ticket will also keep it's place in our normal queue, so that if an expert is not able to solve your issue, you won't have to wait any longer than you normally would have for a reply.  Please also not that Player Experts do not have any access to your account details or personal information; they are just able to see the message you send and your name but that is all.


Q: Will sending in more than one request for the same issue help get me a faster response?
A: Sending in more than one ticket for the same issue will not get you a faster response; tickets are answered first come first serve so your initial ticket will take just as long to be answered as it would have regardless of how many additional tickets are sent. If anything it will likely take you longer to get a response, as when an agent lands on your original ticket, they will have to go through and close any duplicates without a reply before they are able to answer your original.


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