2.37.0 Update Notes

The 2.37 update begins on Tuesday, October 2nd, and contains support for the Light Vehicle Shared Equipment Migration, as well as the first event in our new Light Vehicle season.


  • [Feature Event] PERDITION is the first event of the Light Vehicle season and begins on October 11th. Battle in the brand new JUNGLE biome for war credits, which you can then use to claim powerful rewards. Official briefing deploys Monday, October 8th.
  • [Feature Event] The top level mission in the feature event has been transitioned to the first map of the Light Vehicle season. Remaining missions will roll over to the new maps in future events.
  • [Feature Event] The top prize in PERDITION is the Grizzly! This IFV unit deploys Sentinels on command, no need to destroy your vehicle to get powerful infantry to spawn. This is an essential first unit for the new Light Vehicle season.
  • [Base] Support for the Gatekeeper and Heavy Flak Turret is being implemented. These will make their first appearance on Thursday. Briefings to come!
  • [Communication] A brand new Newsfeed is being enabled. This newsfeed contains featured stories, tabs, new content, and a live calendar (scroll below the front page of the newsfeed to see it).


  • [Shared Equipment] The Light Vehicle Shared Equipment Migration is being enabled on Thursday, to prepare us for the start of the Light Vehicle season. This shared equipment system will help make transitioning between units much easier. Read the full breakdown of what’s changing in your Newsfeed.
  • [Shared Equipment] As part of the Shared Equipment Migration, the PK Transport, S-13, Humvee Transport, Rocket Buggy, and Stryker are being retired. If you have these units unlocked they will be automatically upgraded to max level promotion and max level equipment. If you do not have these units yet, they will simply disappear from the army screen.
  • [Shared Equipment] The M3 Bradley is transitioning into the Light Vehicle class. The BM-30 Whirlwind is transitioning into the Heavy Vehicle class.
  • [Shared Equipment] The Cougar is a new mid-tier Light Vehicle unit that automatically unlocks its blueprint at player level 26, and is replacing several of the retiring units.
  • [Combat] Heavy Flak turret has target prioritization enabled. It will prioritize Helicopter units over Fixed Wing if both options are in range. It will not ‘aggro’ onto the unit that did damage most recently, unless that unit is the only one in range or it fits with its priority ranking. This is the first example of priority targeting functionality that is eventually being rolled out across the game.


  • [Buffs] War Zones HQ buff incorrectly stacking on FOB buff.
  • [Combat] Defender IFVs do not spawn their infantry upon death.
  • [UI] Battle Log displays “Resources Won” in text, but only displays the amount of Metal that was stolen from another player. Text has been changed to “Resources Stolen” to provide greater clarity.
  • [Performance] Another big performance push is in this release. Lots of crashes fixed in our ongoing quest to make Rogue Assault a crash-free game.
  • [Other] General bug fixes and visual improvements.
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