2.46 Update Notes

The 2.46 Update has started its rollout, and contains new defense updates, along with re-enabling our Priority Targeting change that was temporarily disabled. Note that many of these changes will be going live with a server deploy on Thursday, once all clients are live.


  • [Combat] Priority Targeting has been enabled. Defense turrets prioritize tanks and tanking meta units; Secondary Weapons prioritize enemy units based on their armor type. This is live as of Monday.
  • [Buildings] New CC11 buildings and upgrades are coming soon. Full details will be released in a separate briefing.
  • [Buildings] Support for claimable Building Tokens, available in upcoming events.
  • [Tech Tree] Support for new tech tree node levels.
  • [Events] Support for event ticket systems. This is part of our work on refreshing the Rise of La Muerte activity.


  • [Strike] The Overlord is being added as a rare drop to the Stocking Stuffer Strike
  • [Units] Avenger can be used at CC5
  • [Units] T-14 can be used at CC7
  • [Units] KA-50 can be used at CC7
  • [Units] BMP can be used at CC7
  • [Units] AGS Team can be used at CC7


  • [Event] Grim Winter maps were labeled incorrectly as Vajra Arms Camps
  • [UI] NUX Mission 2 and 4 had incorrect UI elements
  • [UI] Promotion screen not showing Health/DPS increases
  • [Performance] General crash fixes
  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements
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