2.43 Update Notes


  • [Base] New Command Center 11 upgrades are available November 21st. Upgrade your Defense Platforms, Airfield, and Salvo turret for ultimate defensive protection.
  • [Base] A brand new explosive Hydra turret is coming to a defense platform near you. Make things go BOOM.


  • [Combat] On November 19th, Aggro is being disabled in combat. Units will no longer chase something that’s damaging them, they will instead fire on the closest target.
  • [Combat] On November 26th, we will be enabling Priority Targeting. All defensive turrets will prioritize high-survivability units (Tanks, Gunships, Carriers, etc) over more fragile DPS units. Offensive secondary weapons will target based on damage type. More details will be released in a standalone briefing.


  • [Holiday] A special Thanksgiving event runs in place of Spec Ops on November 22nd. Featuring heavily discounted equipment and unit blueprints, make sure you tune in for a FEAST.
  • [Spec Ops] As noted above, Spec Ops will not be running this coming week. It will return next week with a new set of prizes for the Veteran tier.


  • [Combat] Air Strikes not always deploying in event targets.
  • [UI] On notched phones, buttons on the left side of the screen are cut off.
  • [Performance] We’ve undergone a major upgrade to our Unity systems, which should yield performance improvements across the board.
  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements.


Good luck out there, Commander.

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